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ICON breeds award winning talent and is recognised on the world stage as a quality training facility.

Whether you want to learn more about makeup for your own interest or if you want to learn the skills you need to work in a fast-paced and exciting role as a makeup artist, then ICON School of Makeup is perfect for you.


Our boutique college offers hands on courses that perfect skills you need to be ready to work in any aspect of the makeup industry such as weddings and events, film, TV, Special Effects and Fashion.


ICON is an industry leader in its field of training. Alumni now work in Retail, fashion, editorial, runway, TV and film in Australia and around the world and many of our students have built successful businesses.

You will be transformed when you experience the quality training for yourself.



“I absolutely loved the Icon makeup course. I learnt so much from such amazing trainers. Karen and her team have a wealth of knowledge and are truly inspirational. I made beautiful friendships and the course has opened the doors to some incredible opportunities. Highly recommend!”


-Amanda Fenwick

"Enrolling in the course at Icon school of makeup opened up so many amazing opportunities for me this year. While at Icon I learned so many important techniques and skills that I didn’t have before the course. The very talented trainers thoroughly taught the class everything from best techniques with particular brushes and products, colour theory, character makeup, wedding/special event makeup and character makeup. I finished to course with a large portfolio with quality photographs of each inspired look I created with a model. Since finishing the course, I’ve had so many amazing work opportunities. I’ve worked for FACON magazine for the Face of Facon runway competition. I have started my own makeup freelancing business and have freelanced for weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and special events. I’ve collaborated with photographers in a handful of wedding inspired photo shoots. I have met so many people in the beauty industry and the opportunities keep on coming"


-Teddy Scott

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